The value of a Professional Organiser is immeasurable in many regards. We don’t just put things in boxes and stick a label on them and we don’t make you throw anything out. Think of a Professional Organiser as you do a Personal Trainer. Some people achieve their fitness goals on their own, and others do better with help and guidance.

little miss sorted has helped literally hundreds of people live a more organised life over the years. And yes, some items may be in boxes and they may have thrown some things away, but the value & impact goes way beyond that.

Some of the things our customers have achieved by hiring little miss sorted include:

  • improved business systems
  • finding and recovering money
  • improving business cash flow
  • submitting a PhD
  • getting finances back in order to satisfy debt collectors
  • improved relationships between husbands and wives and parents and children
  • Avoiding the expense and effort of moving house after decluttering & organising
  • reclaiming a spare room
  • holding a successful garage sale
  • creating inspiring, relaxing and productive spaces
  • starting and growing many a business
  • better peace of mind
  • selling unwanted items
  • better ways of staying organised despite chronic disorders
  • changed outlook on life
  • landing their dream job
  • creating a foolproof system for dealing with paperwork
  • improved mental and physical health
  • more ‘me’ time
  • a productive office space
  • being able to sleep in their own bed again after many years of clutter taking over
  • many successful house moves
  • more time with their young families
  • more confidence to tackle a project
  • saving time
  • maximising space
  • getting rid of their storage unit
  • a functional wardrobe
  • ensuring nutritious meals are on the table
  • downsizing
  • a kitchen that’s a delight to cook in
  • freedom from paperwork
  • a pantry that’s to die for
  • getting tax returns up to date
  • navigating the burden of a deceased estate
  • falling in love with their homes again

Read below what others have to say about their decision to have little miss sorted help them live a more organised life.

“I have found Sophie to be a boon. Over a couple of years, I’ve changed. I’ve been able to gradually clear the decks at my home-office. I’ve learnt to keep my paperwork from overwhelming me. Going there armed with a biro and waste paper bin, I can pick up my post box mail with glee now. I have vastly less mail coming into my home office. With 6 months of Sophie’s help – varying from talking through the logic of my chapters, to discarding duplicate papers and notes, I completed my PhD from under what was a pile of papers that I was stuck in, and just couldn’t get on top of before. The tools Sophie recommended helped, in combination with her attention to the details of what I needed to do to get my goals achieved. These strategies worked well together. With Sophie’s patient guidance, I think I’ve learnt to think more clearly. I can break up tasks better so I don’t feel anxious about taking a few first steps. Lo and behold, after a while, my projects are done. My time sheets and tax are all up to date now, and this has been so for several quarters in a row.” D.C. Heidelberg 


“After my husband passed away, I didn’t know where to start in our office. Sophie helped me SO much – organising my paperwork to make an organised, simple and attractive system. Sophie has also helped me to declutter my house. I cannot thank her enough and have no hesitation in recommending her services. She changed my life!” Judy, Hampton


“I was very nervous to have someone come into my home and help me get more organised but I felt at ease from the moment I spoke with Sophie on the phone. I now look forward to our sessions together and I wouldn’t have anyone else.” K.C. Parkdale


“I have attended a number of Sophie’s workshops and have always found them to be so helpful and inspiring. Sophie has a way of making you feel completely capable and empowered to achieve your goals. She has a unique way of relating to everyone in the group and makes her examples and anecdotes totally relatable. Time and money well spent! When’s the next one?!” Sonija, Cheltenham


“I always lived a tidy and organised life. And then a toddler entered my world and everything was turned upside down. I was tired, untidy, unmotivated and completely embarrassed having people visit. My house didn’t feel like my home, it felt like a dumping ground for all of the responsibilities I was too tired to pay attention to. I contacted Sophie and explained to her that I was even too embarrassed to have her come! But in she came, without any judgement, with lots of compassion and best of all, heaps of tips & tricks to get organised and stay that way. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” Rebecca, Frankston


little miss sorted came to my messy office 5 years ago and helped me create a system for my business that I still use today. Sophie is amazing. Hire her. It will be money well spent!” R.M. Geelong

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